edited-imageWe are a family of 10 who live in Lancaster County, Pa. in the beautiful town of Lititz. We live in the country and our children attend a local private Christian school. Our home church is Lincoln Mennonite Fellowship in Ephrata. We have always enjoyed singing together as a family. Both Winfred and Jewel sang together in a quartet before they were married and enjoyed singing in their youth chorus. Jewel also grew up singing with her family around the piano, organ, guitar and accordion of which her mother would play and then later her siblings. Her dream was to see her children excel in music and singing.  Our oldest son, Brandon, started taking guitar lessons in 2004 and was doing well with it. Our daughter, Cherise took an interest in the piano and just picked it up on her own, by ear. She also enjoys playing the Guitar and Violin. We started our singing engagements in 2008 by giving programs at Nursing Homes and Rescue Missions. As time went on we got more comfortable with it and answered the call to sing in churches, banquets and prisons. We keep our singing ministry somewhat limited because of our involvements at work, church and school. We can’t always be on the road, but do enjoy it when we do go. Our style of music would fall in the line of Southern Gospel and Praise and Worship. Our utmost goal is to encourage our listeners to a closer walk with the Lord and to bless them by our music. We were blest to celebrate our 27th Anniversary the 17th of February of 2017! God has been so good to us and has blest us above and beyond what we deserve!


P1 Winfred~ 1968

Winfred is a hardworking, dedicated, easy going sort of person that we all love to have around. He has a dry sense of humor that keeps everyone laughing when life gets too mundane. He keeps all things balanced and makes us feel very secure in his decisions for our family. He farms and drives truck for a living and his hobby is working so that calls for a pretty full schedule of work for him. He always enjoys when his family plans a vacation and he can kick back and relax, too!


Jewel is a stay at home mom and housewife. She loves her 8 children with a passion. Her hobbies are scrapbooking, card making, swimming,  walking for exercise and being with friends! She loves keeping in touch with her friends by emailing, face booking or chatting over coffee. Her all-time favorite is going on a date with her hubby and trying a new Restaurant. Her children keep her busy with washing, cooking and cleaning, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

11998829_1179246755423217_410602004152827651_n Brandon~1992IMG-20180511-WA0007We welcomed Our new Grandbaby…Isaiah Bentley-April 28,2018

Brandon helps his dad on the farm and drives truck as well. He and his lovely wife, Rachelle celebrated their 4th Anniversary this past April 26, 2018 just 2 days before giving birth to our first grandchild. We are totally loving this new phase of life. Brandon’s hobbies include playing guitar, volleyball, basketball, wake boarding, hockey and being involved in singing. He is a part of an Accapella Men’s quartet called Vision Quartet. He is a wonderful big brother for his siblings to look up to… A born leader and a heart for God which we are so thankful for!


Janisa is married to the love of her life~ Greg Bauman from Ontario, Canada.  July 25 they celebrated their 3rd Wedding Anniversary.  They make their home in Gowanstown, Ontario. Janisa loves her status as a homemaker, part-time secretary, Professional Cleaner and sewer. The 9 hours that separate her from her family is doable and we make sure we have a date set for our next visit!:)  Her hobbies include volleyball, running and swimming for exercise, sewing and cooking. They are looking forward to a new little one joining their home in March of 2019. We are excited about a second grand-baby only 1 yr. apart.

img_2669Cherise~1996Curtis and Cherise

Cherise just married Curtis Groff from Stevens, Pa. on June 10, 2017. They are living just 15 min. away from us. She loves her new role of housewife and also works full time as Medical Assistant at the Parochial Center in Leola. She takes after her daddy in looks and personality! She loves music and enjoys playing piano, guitar and violin.  Her hobbies include working out, swimming and volleyball for exercise. She has a very caring heart and reaches out to a lot of people with her job in the medical field.


Victoria is the blondie of our family!:) She takes after her Grandma Nolt in stature and we remind her that every family needs a “shorty.” She loves children and does very well at teaching 3rd grade and interacting with the sweet Grenadian children. We miss her alot, but she is leaving a great impact on the Island of Grenada. Her hobbies include sewing, volleyball and swimming.


Megan is a senior this year at SMHS! She is always there when needed and is a delight to have around! She takes good care of her twin brothers and little sister, Lexi! Her hobbies include photography, singing, jogging and swimming. She loves being involved in our Kids Ministry in Lincoln.


Kendall is our little, but mighty guy with more energy than you can shake a stick at! He loves drama of any kind! His favorite activities include baseball, basketball, hockey, swimming and jumping on the trampoline. If it would be up to him school would be totally unnecessary!;/ He is in the 7th grade at Ephrata Mennonite.


Zachary is just 3 minutes younger than his twin~ Kendall, but he is lots bigger in size. He is pretty inseparable with his twin and finds fulfillment in protecting and sticking up for him. He loves baseball, basketball, swimming and jumping on the trampoline as well. He loves having friends over to play and enjoys 7th grade school at Ephrata Mennonite.


Alexis-the youngest member of our family is simply delightful to have around! Oh, what would we do without her? She talks so grown up and mature for her age. I guess it’s no wonder with living in an adult world. She loves being with friends of any age and enjoys singing with music, riding her bike, running, and jumping on the trampoline. She enjoys humoring everyone with her comments!;) She is 2nd grade at Ephrata Mennonite School this year and loves it!